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1. School Information

学校情報 University College London
Senate House Malet Street London WC1E 7H UK
ロケーション イギリス 
環境 地方都市  ランク 最上位校 
生徒数 約4500人 留学生割合 約40%

2. Course Information

学部名 Department of History
コース名 MA Dutch Golden Age
The Dutch call the 17th century their country's "Golden Age," and with good reason: the Dutch Republic was then among the most important countries in Europe. An economic superpower, it built a far-flung colonial empire and achieved unmatched prosperity. Socially, it saw the rise of what is often called the first "bourgeois" society, dominated by merchants, not prelates or noblemen. Politically it was an anomaly, a republic surrounded by absolutist regimes. In religion too the Netherlands stood out, being the most tolerant country in Europe, home to a wide variety of Christian denominations as well as Jews. The land of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, and scores of other renowned painters, it produced artistic riches still treasured. With a flourishing literary and intellectual life, it provided a congenial environment for the rise of rationalism. The MA in the Dutch Golden Age is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the history and culture of the Low Countries in the early modern period, focusing on the Dutch Republic during its seventeenth-century efflorescence. Jointly offered by UCL, King's College, and the Courtauld Institute, the programme draws on the full range of resources and expertise in London for study of this subject. Interdisciplinary, it combines three fields: history, art history, and Dutch language/literature. Students take a course in each of these fields over the autumn and spring terms. In addition, they attend a bi-weekly research skills seminar. In the third term and over the following summer, they write a dissertation that links the different fields covered in the taught courses. Most students take the programme full-time over one year (September to September), but the option also exists to take it part-time over two.
期間 約1年間
学費 約200万以下 生活費(年間) 約200万円
GPA 3以上 大学の単位 問わない
TOEFL 109点以上 IELTS 7.5
条件付合格 有り GRE/GMAT 無し
職歴 問わない 学生寮 有り