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1. School Information

学校情報 University College London
Senate House Malet Street London WC1E 7H UK
ロケーション イギリス 
環境 地方都市  ランク 最上位校 
生徒数 約4500人 留学生割合 約40%

2. Course Information

学部名 Faculty of the Built Environment
コース名 MSc Sustainable Urbanism
Rapid urbanisation and its impact on the environment and society is one of the biggest challenges facing us today. By 2030 nearly 5 billion people will live in urban areas. Much of the growth is now occurring in developing countries (particularly China and India), although there are also more moderate growth programmes planned elsewhere (e.g. the eco-towns programme in the UK). Cities are also increasingly being built in environmentally marginal regions (e.g. deserts, floodplains, etc) which has serious environmental, social and economic implications. Cities themselves impact on global sustainability and can play a very influential role in tackling global environmental, social and economic problems. Equally implementing sustainability principles in cities is essential for the well-being of the local population and improvement of the local environment. Thus creating sustainable cities will be central to the future of society and the planet.Increasingly urban professionals are being asked to create sustainable urban environments. This is both conceptually and technically difficult to achieve and requires expertise and skills that are developing fast and that are in critically short supply. Being an expert in sustainable urbanism requires that professionals have a diverse theoretical understanding of a range of disciplines e.g. sociological, environmental, political and economic theory; knowledge of key disciplinary areas e.g. urban design, spatial planning, property development, ecology; and develop a range of skills to enable implementation e.g. creative thinking, negotiation, project management skills, and advocacy. UCL?fs new MSc Sustainable Urbanism programme is unique in bringing these critical facets together. In particular it provides students with both the skills to conceptualise a sustainable city and those to design one.
期間 約1年間
学費 約200万以下 生活費(年間) 約200万円
GPA 3以上 大学の単位 制限有り
TOEFL 92点以上 IELTS 6.5
条件付合格 有り GRE/GMAT 無し
職歴 問わない 学生寮 有り