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1. School Information

学校情報 The University of Sydney
The University of Sydney NSW 2006 Australia
ロケーション オーストラリア 
環境 大都市  ランク 上位校 
生徒数 約46000人 留学生割合 約21%

2. Course Information

学部名 Faculty of Health Sciences
コース名 Master of Health Informatics
The use of information technology to improve outcomes for patients and efficiencies for health professionals is increasing at a rapid rate. The availability of trained health informatics specialists to support this new way of working has not kept pace with strong demand and there is a massive worldwide shortage. Healthcare systems internationally are under pressure from demographic, social and technological change, and innovations in information and communications technologies are helping to create responses. Health care services around the world are investing heavily in technology to develop integrated systems that benefit patients and health practitioners. Australia has committed to make the largest investment in health information systems to date, including the goal to establish a single national electronic health record system. The treatment provider and the person needing treatment are not always in the same location and so telemedicine is increasingly being used to address this issue. In addition, the Internet has enabled people to go online to research health issues. Health informatics professionals support these innovations and work across a range of sectors, from hospitals and community health centres, to government agencies and ICT companies. The health informatics profession attracts people from a variety of backgrounds. Some have an ICT, science or engineering background but want to work in a more people-focused area. Alternatively, some come from a health practitioner background but want to move away from direct health practice and use their knowledge to help implement information systems to improve health outcomes. Our program is designed for people wanting to pursue a career as health informatics specialists, as well as for health professionals aiming to improve their knowledge and skills in this developing field of expertise.
期間 約2年間
学費 約200万以下 生活費(年間) 約200万円
GPA 3以上 大学の単位 制限有り
TOEFL 92点以上 IELTS 6.5
条件付合格 有り GRE/GMAT 無し
職歴 要求有り 学生寮 有り