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1. School Information

学校情報 University of Sussex
University of Sussex, Sussex House, Brighton, BN1 9RH UK
ロケーション イギリス
環境 地方都市 ランク 上位校
生徒数 約3000人 留学生割合 約21%
コース一覧 MSc in Management and Entrepreneurship
MSc in Management and Finance
MSc in Managing Knowledge and Intellectual Property
MSc in Science and Technology Policy
MSc in Development Economics
MSc Corporate and Financial Risk Management
MSc International Finance - new students
MSc in International Economics
MSc in International Accounting, Finance and Strategy
MSc in International Finance
MSc in International Management
MSc in International Management
MA in European Politics
MSc in Public Policies for Science, Technology and Innovation
MA in Social and Political Thought
MA in Globalisation, Ethnicity and Culture
MA in Migration Studies
MA in International Relations
MA in Global Political Economy
MA in International Security
MA in Geopolitics and Grand Strategy
MA in Conflict, Security and Development
MA in Environment, Development and Policy
MA in Social Development
MA Development Studies
MA Globalisation and Development
MA Governance and Development
MA Participation, Power and Social Change
MA Poverty and Development
MA Science, Society and Development
MSc Climate Change and Development
MA Gender and Development
MA in Human Rights
MA in English Language Teaching
MA in International English Language Teaching
MA in Colonial and Postcolonial Cultures
MA in Critical Theory
MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature, Culture and Thought
MA in Literature and Philosophy
MA in Philosophy
MA in Applied Linguistics
MA in English Language
American Literature: Critical Reading MA
MA in Early Modern Literature and Culture
MA in Literature, Film and Visual Culture
MA in Sexual Dissidence in Literature and Culture
MA in Creative and Critical Writing
MA in Literature and Culture, 1700-1900
MA Anthropology
MA Anthropology (Africa)
MA Anthropology (Europe)
Anthropology (South Asia) (MA)
Anthropology of Conflict, Violence and Conciliation (MA)
Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation (MA)
Medical Anthropology (MA)
Life History Research: Oral History and Life Story Documents (MA)
MA in Contemporary History
MA in Early Modern History
MA in Modern European History
MA in Intellectual History
MA in Local and Regional History
MA in Modern European Jewish History, Culture and Thought
MA in Gender and Media
MA Gender Studies
MA in Contemporary European Studies
MA in Film Studies
MA in Creative Media Practice
MA in Digital Documentary
MA in Digital Media
MA in Media and Cultural Studies
MAs in Journalism
Creative Writing and Authorship (MA)
Creative Writing and Personal Development (MA)
MSc in Astronomy
MSc in Cosmology
MSc in Physics
MSc in Theoretical Particle Physics
MSc in Financial Mathematics
MSc in Financial Mathematics
MSc in Mathematics
MSc Bioinformatics
MSc in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology
Biodiversity Survey (MSc)
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (MSc)
Developmental Cell Biology (MSc)
MSc in Chemical Biology
Evolutionary and adaptive systems (MSc)
Intelligent systems (MSc)
Human centred computer systems (MSc)
Multimedia applications and virtual environments (MSc)
Information Technology for e-Commerce (MSc)
Philosophy of cognitive science (MA)
Creative Systems (MSc)
MSc in Climate Change and Policy
MA Conservation Studies
MSc Aerospace Technology
MSc Digital Communications & Embedded Systems
MSc Satellite Communications & Space Systems
MSc in Security Technologies & Systems
MSc in Scientific Computation
MSc in Technology & Innovation Management
MSc in Science and Technology for Sustainability
MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering
MSc Mechanical Engineering
MSc Turbomachinery
MSc Automotive Engineering
MSc in Technology and Innovation Management
MA Visual Arts
MFA Fine Arts
Art History (MA)
MSc Social Research Methods (Media and Cultural Studies)
MSc Applied Social Psychology
MSc Experimental Psychology
MSc Health Psychology
MSc Substance Misuse
MSc Cognitive Neuroscience
MA Social Work
MA Effective Practice in Integrated Children?fs Services
MA Leadership and Management in Integrated Children?fs Services
MA in Education Studies
MA in International Education & Development
LLM in European Law
LLM in Family and Child Law
LLM in International Criminal Law
LLM in International Law: Rights and Responsibilities
LLM in International Trade Law
LLM in Law and International Security
LLM Master of Laws