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1. School Information

学校情報 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 USA
ロケーション アメリカ(東海岸) 
環境 大都市  ランク 最上位校 
生徒数 約10000人 留学生割合 約30%

2. Course Information

学部名 School of Architecture and Planning
コース名 Master of Architecture
The MArch degree is one of two degrees (some schools offer a five-year BArch) that prepare students for professional registration as architects in the United States. The MIT Department of Architecture offers the MArch degree. This professional degree is structured to educate those who aspire to licensed registration as architects. It is the centerpiece of the Department of Architecture. Architectural design studios are the center of the MArch program. Faculty in the Design discipline group provide the core of the professional education through the studio program. Studios are arranged in ascending complexity and with increasing demands that students develop their skills and independence of view as they proceed through the program. The approaches that faculty bring to the teaching of architectural design derive both from their years of professional (often award-winning) practice as well as from the opportunities for greater reflection the academic environment affords. The problems that are chosen relate both to the stage of development of the student and to the issues in practice and society challenging the architectural profession. For example, one studio addressed problems of growth and change in Chandigarh, the capital of the Punjab in India, where attitudes had to be developed toward the work of Le Corbusier as well as toward the contemporary problems of the city itself. Other studios have chosen sites in the center of Taipei, in San Juan, and, of course, sites close to MIT including downtown Boston, its greater metropolitan area, and surrounding towns and cities. In general design problems always include issues of preservation, conservation, and ecology that combine with the search for appropriate expression of the specific culture and locale. In particular, there is usually a problem or opportunity at hand in relation to which the students' work may make a substantial contribution.
期間 約2年間
学費 約200万以下 生活費(年間) 約200万円
GPA 3以上 大学の単位 制限有り
TOEFL 100点以上 IELTS 7
条件付合格 なし(条件による) GRE/GMAT 有り
職歴 問わない 学生寮 有り