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1. School Information

学校情報 The University of Sydney
The University of Sydney NSW 2006 Australia
ロケーション オーストラリア 
環境 大都市  ランク 上位校 
生徒数 約46000人 留学生割合 約21%

2. Course Information

学部名 Faculty of Health Sciences
コース名 Master of Rehabilitation Counselling
Rehabilitation counselling is concerned with the development, implementation and evaluation of rehabilitation programs for people and families affected by injury, disability or social disadvantage. The aim of rehabilitation is to assist people with disabilities or disadvantage to attain maximum participation in employment and community life through appropriate assessment, counselling, service provision and support. The Master of Rehabilitation Counselling can be completed over two years full-time or longer via the off-campus (distance education) mode. In 2008, however, the course will be offered on a part-time basis: students in the Master of Rehabilitation Counselling can accelerate their candidature in 2009 and onwards by selecting greater than 12 credit points per semester. Upon completion of the program, students will have attained a knowledge base in disability (psychosocial, medical and legal aspects), counselling, vocational assessment, job placement and case management (relevant to a variety of disability populations). Graduates may work in government/public, community or private rehabilitation settings, as rehabilitation coordinators in industry, vocational/social trainers, counsellors in drug and alcohol, psychiatric and correctional settings. They also work as human resource managers and private rehabilitation consultants. Graduates of the Master of rehabilitation Counselling will also be adequately prepared to participate actively in ongoing research within the field of rehabilitation into the future. Supervised practical experience in work settings ensures students make vital links with industry. Students wishing to articulate from the Graduate Diploma to the Masters will need to apply directly to the Course Coordinator by 30 October of their finishing year and will need to achieve an overall high credit average to be eligible. A student enrolled in the Master of Rehabilitation Counselling who elects to exit early from the Masters must satisfactorily complete the requirements for the Graduate Diploma.
期間 約2年間
学費 約200万以下 生活費(年間) 約200万円
GPA 3以上 大学の単位 制限有り
TOEFL 92点以上 IELTS 6.5
条件付合格 有り GRE/GMAT 無し
職歴 要求有り 学生寮 有り