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1. School Information

学校情報 The University of Sheffield
The University of Sheffield Western Bank Sheffield S10 2TN UK
ロケーション イギリス
環境 地方都市 ランク 上位校
生徒数 約4000人 留学生割合 約13%
コース一覧 Commercial Property - MA
East Asian Business - MSc
Human Resource Management - MSc
Management (Information Management) - MSc
Management (Sports and Leisure) - MSc
Management - MSc
Management (Enterprise & Local Economic Development) - MSc
Management (Health Services Management) - MSc
Management Research - MA
MBA in Business Administration (FT)
Sport and Recreation Management - MSc
Economics and Health Economics - MSc
Business Analysis and Economics - MSc
Development Economics - MSc
Economics - MSc
International Finance and Economics - MSc
Finance - MSc
Financial Economics - MSc
Money, Banking and Finance - MSc
International Management - MSc
Management (International Business) - MSc
Politics - MA
Political Theory - MA
Governance and Public Policy - MA
International Political Economy - MA
Political Communication - MA
Globalisation and Development - MA
Global Politics and Law - MA
Global Social Policy - MA
MA in Research Methods in Politics / International Relations
International Studies - MA
International Development and Planning - MA
International Development - MA
Planning and Development - MA
Planning Research and Theory - MA
Town and Regional Planning - MA
Material Culture Studies - MA
MA in Philosophy
Applied Linguistics - MA
Language Acquisition - MA
MA in Language, History and Society
MSc in Language and Communication Impairment in Children
American Literature - MA
American Literature (Research Track) - MA
Eighteenth-Century Studies (English Literature) - MA
Eighteenth-Century Studies (History)- MA
English Language and Literature - MA
English Literature - MA
English Literature (Research Track)
Ethnomusicology - MA
French Studies (Research Track) - MA
Postcolonial Texts and Cultures - MA
Aegean Archaeology (Research Track) - MA
Archaeology - MA
Archaeology, Bible and Ancient Cultures - MA
Archaeological Materials - MSc
Biomolecular Archaeology - MSc
European Historical Archaeology - MA
European Prehistory - MA
Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology - MSc
Palaeoanthropology - MSc
American History - MA
Early Modern History - MA
Early Modern Pathway (within English Literature MA)
International History MA
Medieval History - MA
MA in Nineteenth-Century Studies
19th-Century Studies (Research Track)
Nineteenth-Century Studies (History)
Twentieth Century History - MA
Bible, Culture and Society - MA
Postcolonial Biblical Studies - MA
Biblical Studies Research - MA
Postcolonial Biblical Studies - MA
Catalan Studies - MA
Crossways in European Humanities (Mundus) - MA
Germanic Studies - MA
Hispanic Studies - MA
Latin American Studies - MA
Slavonic Studies (Research Track) 1+3 - MA
Chinese Studies - MA
Modern Korean Studies - MA
Japanese Studies - MA
Translation Studies - MA
Screen Translation - MA
Intercultural Communication - MA
Multilingual Information Management - MA
Human Communication Sciences (Research) - MSc
International Childhood Studies - MA
Speech and Cleft Palate (SPACL) MSc
Working With Communities: Identities, Regeneration and Change - MA
Data Communications - MSc (Eng)
Broadcast Journalism - MA
Journalism Studies (Broadcast) - MA
Journalism Studies (Web) - MA
Magazine Journalism - MA
Print Journalism - MA
Web Journalism - MA
Information Literacy - MA
Information Management - MSc
Information Systems Management - MSc
Polymers for Advanced Technologies - MSc
Statistics - MSc
Statistics and Financial Mathematics - MSc
Nanoscale Science and Technology - MSc
Information Systems - MSc
Molecular and Cellular Basis of Human Disease - MSc
Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine - MSc
Chemoinformatics - MSc
Polar and Alpine Change ? MSc
Human Geography Research - MA
Polar and Alpine Change - MSc
Environmental Analysis of Terrestrial Systems - MSc
Social and Cultural Geographies - MA
Social and Spatial Inequalities - MSc
Biological and Bioprocess Engineering - MSc
Bionanotechnology - MSc
Process Safety and Loss Prevention - MSc
Advanced Solid State Chemistry and its Applications - MSc
Aerodynamics and Aerostructures - MSc (Res)
Aerospace Materials - MSc (Eng)
Environmental and Energy Engineering MSc
Environmental Management of Urban Land and Water - MSc
Nuclear Environmental Science and Technology - MSc
Nuclear Science and Technology - MSc
Advanced Software Engineering - MSc (Eng)
Computer Vision Engineering - MSc (Eng)
Concrete Engineering - MSc (Eng)
Electronic Engineering - MSc (Eng)
Nanolectronics and Nanomechanics - MSc
Nanomaterials for Nanoengineering - MSc
Semiconductor Photonics and Electronics - MSc (Eng)
Polymers and Polymer Composite Science and Engineering - MSc (Eng)
Advanced Computer Science - MSc
Computer Science with Speech and Language Processing - MSc
Software Systems and Internet Technology - MSc
Electronic and Digital Library Management - MSc
Advanced Mechanical Engineering - MSc (Res)
Advanced Metallurgy - Mmet
Automotive Engineering - MSc (Res)
Avionic Systems - MSc
Ceramic Science and Engineering - MSc(Eng)
Computational Biomechanics - MSc (Res)
Contaminant Hydrogeology - MSc
Control Systems - MSc
Mechanical Engineering - MSc (Res)
Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management - MSc
Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics - MSc (Eng)/
Steel Construction - MSc (Eng)
Structural Engineering - MSc (Eng)
Structural Integrity - MSc (Res)
Urban Water Engineering and Management - MSc
Music Management - MA
Music Performance - MA
Sonic Arts - MA
Theatre and Performance Studies - MA
Management (Arts, Heritage and Culture) - MSc
Librarianship - MA
Cognitive Studies - MA
Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience - MSc
Health Care Studies (Mental Health) - MMed Sci
Occupational Psychology - MSc
Professional Practice with Children and Families-MA
Psychological Research 1+3 - MSc
Social Work - MA
Sociological Research - MA
Psychology of Music - MA
Early Childhood Education - MA
Applied Professional Studies in Education - MA
Education Policy and Practice - MA
Commercial Law - LLM
International and European Law - LLM
International Criminology - MA
International Law - LLM
Law - MA
Legal Information Management - MSc
Biotechnological Law and Ethics - MA
Environmental Change and International Development - MA
Landscape Architecture - MA
Landscape Management - MA
Landscape Research (1 + 3) - MA
Landscape Studies - MA
Urban Design - MA
Architectural Design - MA
Architecture - MA
Architecture and Town and Regional Planning - MA
Sustainable Architectural Studies - MA
Sustainable Architecture and Computer Aided Environmental Design - MSc