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1. School Information

学校情報 University of Manchester
The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK
ロケーション イギリス
環境 地方都市 ランク 上位校
生徒数 約11000人 留学生割合 約30%
コース一覧 Corporate Communications and Reputation Management MSc
Enterprise MSc
Healthcare Management MSc
Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations MSc
Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship MSc
Management and Implementation of Development Projects MSc
Management and Information Systems: Change and Development MSc
Management Mres
Managerial Psychology MSc
Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management MSc
Organisational Change and Development MSc
Political Economy (Standard Route) MA
Political Economy MA (Research)
Public Administration MPA
Information Systems: Business IT MSc
Information Systems: e-Business Technology MSc
Information Systems: e-Government MSc
Information Systems: Organisations and Management MSc
Economics MA
Econometrics MSc
Economics (Environmental Economics) MSc
Economics and Econometrics MSc
Economics MSc
Accounting and Finance MSc
Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Analysis MSc
Global Business Analysis Mbus
Development Finance MSc
Finance and Business Economics MSc
Finance and Economics MSc
Finance MSc
Mathematical Finance MSc
Quantitative Finance: Financial Engineering MSc
Quantitative Finance: Risk Management MSc
Financial Economics MSc
Business Administration MBA
Marketing MSc
International Fashion Retailing ( Business Process Improvement) MSc
International Fashion Retailing MSc
Chinese Business and Management MSc
International Business and Management MSc
International Human Resource Management and Comparative Industrial Relations MSc
Development Economics and Policy MSc
Human Resource Development (International Development) MSc
Human Resource Management (International Development) MSc
Development Studies (Research Training) MA
Development Studies MA
Globalisation and Development MSc
Human Rights - Law/ Political Science Pathway (Research Route) MA
Human Rights - Political Science (Research Route) MA
Human Rights - Political Science (Standard Route) MA
Political Science - Democracy and Elections (Research Route) MA
Political Science - Democracy and Elections (Standard Route) MA
Political Science - European Politics & Policy Pathway (Research Route) MA
Political Science - European Politics & Policy Pathway (Standard Route) MA
Political Science - Gender Politics and Policy (Research Route) MA
Political Science - Governance and Public Policy Pathway (Standard Route) MA
Political Science - Governance and Public Policy Pathway (Research Route) MA
Political Science - Political Theory Pathway (Research Route) MA
Political Science - Political Theory Pathway (Standard Route) MA
Politics MA
International Development: Environment and Development MSc
Poverty and Development MSc
Industry, Trade and Development MSc
International Development: Development Management MA
International Development: Economics and Management of Rural Development MSc
International Development: Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction MA
International Development: Public Policy and Management MA
International Development: Social Policy and Social Development MA
International Development: Urban Development MA
International Politics - International Relations Pathway (Research Route) MA
International Politics - International Relations Pathway (Standard Route) MA
International Politics - IPE Pathway (Research Route) MA
International Politics - IPE Pathway (Standard Route) MA
International Development: Politics and Governance MA
Global Urban Development and Planning MSc
Educational Technology and TESOL MA
Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures MA
Post-1900 Literatures, Theories and Cultures MA
Culture and Dictatorship MA (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
Cultures of Migration, Diaspora and Exile MA (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
European Languages and Cultures MA
Cultural History MA
Victorian Times MA
War, Culture and History MA
Philosophy MA
Philosophy Mres
Social Change MSc
Social Research Methods and Statistics
Sociological Research MSc
Sociology MA
French Studies MA (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
German Studies MA (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
Holocaust Studies MA (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
Italian Studies MA (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
Literature and Ideas in the 18th and 19th Centuries MA (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
Medieval and Renaissance Studies MA (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
Russian and East European Cultures and Societies MA (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies MA (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
Applied Linguistics MA
English Language MA
Languages and Linguistics MA
Linguistics MA
Contemporary Literature and Culture MA
Literature and Culture 1200-1700 MA
Archaeology: Archaeology of Identity MA
Archaeology: Complex Societies MA
Archaeology: General MA
Archaeology: Neolithic MA
Anthropological Research MA
Social Anthropology MA
Visual Anthropology MA
Classics and Ancient History MA
Medieval Studies MA
Early Modern History MA
Economic and Social History MA
History MA
History of Science, Technology and Medicine MSc
Modern British History MA
Modern European History MA
Research Methods in History of Science, Technology & Medicine MSc
World History MA
Biblical Studies MA
Constructions of the Sacred, the Holy and the Supernatural MA
Jewish Studies MA
Religion and Political Life MA
Religions and Theology MA
Gender, Sexuality and Culture MA
Sexuality and Gender Studies MA (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
Contemporary China MA
American Studies MA
English and American Studies MA
Arab World Studies Integrated MA
Arab World Studies MA
Hebrew Studies MA
Arabic Studies MA
Islamic Studies MA
Middle Eastern History MA
Middle Eastern Studies MA
Persian Studies MA
Pre-Islamic Middle Eastern Studies MA
Turkish Studies MA
Latin American Cultural Studies MA
South Asian Studies MA
Translation and Interpreting Studies MA
Screen Studies MA
Creative Writing MA
Nuclear Science and Technology MSc
Pure Mathematics MSc
Statistics MSc
Theoretical & Applied Fluid Dynamics MSc
Cancer Biology MSc
Cell Biology MSc
Developmental Biology MSc
MRes in Integrative Biology
Bioinformatics MSc
Postgenomic Biology MSc
Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics MSc
Immunology and Immunogenetics MSc
Neuroscience MSc
Structural Biology and Biophysics MSc
Molecular Parasitology and Vector Biology MSc
Biostatistics MSc
Petroleum Geoscience MSc
Pollution & Environmental Control MSc
Geographical Information Science MSc
Biochemistry MSc
Biological Sciences Mres
Biomechanics MSc
Biomedical and Forensic Studies in Egyptology MSc
Biotechnology and Enterprise MSc
ACS: Digital Biology MSc
Advanced Chemical Engineering MSc
Advanced Chemical Process Design MSc
Advanced Process Design for Energy MSc
Biotechnology MSc
Chemical Engineering with Design MSc
Refinery Design & Operation MSc
Structural Engineering MSc
Aerospace Engineering MSc
Environment and Sustainable Technology MSc
Management of Projects: IT Project Management MSc
ACS: Advanced Web Technologies MSc
ACS: Artificial Intelligence MSc
ACS: Computer Security MSc
ACS: Computer Systems Engineering MSc
ACS: Data and Knowledge Management MSc
ACS: e-Science MSc
ACS: Multi-Core Computing MSc
ACS: Natural Language Processing MSc
ACS: Semantic Technologies MSc
ACS: Software Engineering MSc
Advanced Computer Science and IT Management MSc
Advanced Computer Science MSc
Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics MSc
Informatics MSc
Mathematical Logic and the Theory of Computation MSc
Mathematics and Computational Science MSc
Sensors and Electronic Instrumentation MSc
Advanced Control and Systems Engineering MSc
Communication Engineering MSc
Electrical Energy Conversion Systems MSc
Electrical Power Systems Engineering MSc
Nanoelectronics MSc
Management of Projects: Commercial Project Management MSc
Polymer Materials Science and Engineering MSc
Corrosion Control Engineering MSc
Advanced Engineering Materials MSc
Mechanical Engineering Design MSc
Thermal Power & Fluid Engineering MSc
Photon Science (Laser Photonics) MSc
Photon Science MSc
Textile Technology MSc
Management of Projects MSc
Management of Projects: Construction Project Management MSc
Management of Projects: Engineering Project Management MSc
Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Systems Management MSc
Maintenance Engineering & Asset Management MSc
Performance, Screen and Visual Cultures MA
Applied Theatre MA
Music and Drama MA
Theatre Studies MA
Composition MusM
Electroacoustic Music Composition MusM
Musicology MusM
Art History MA
Humanitarianism and Conflict Response MA
Arts Management, Policy and Practice MA
Art Gallery and Museum Studies MA
Organisational Psychology MSc
Cognitive Brain Imaging MSc
Clinical Research (MClin Res)
Psychology - Masters of Research (MRes)
Social Work MA
Applied Social Research MA
Advanced Nursing Studies MSc
Audiology MSc
Visual Cultures of the French-Speaking World MA - (Pathway of MA European Languages & Cultures)
Digital Technologies, Communication and Education MA
Educational Leadership and School Improvement MA
Educational Research MSc
Inclusive Education Med
Profound and Complex Learning Disability MSc
Psychology of Education Med
Crime, Law and Society MA
Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies (Criminology pathway) Mres
Corporate Governance LLM
Health Care Ethics & Law MSc (Intercalated)
Health Care Ethics and Law MA
Human Rights - Law / Political Science Pathway (Standard Route) MA
Intellectual Property Law LLM
International Business and Commercial Law LLM
International Financial Law LLM
International Trade Transactions LLM
Law and Development LLM
Law and Development MA
Environmental Governance MSc
Environmental Impact Assessment and Management MA
Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Reconstruction MSc
Plant Sciences MSc
Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management MESPOM
Planning Mplan
Urban Regeneration and Development MA