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1. School Information

学校情報 New York University
New York , NY , 10003-7154 , U.S.A
ロケーション アメリカ(東海岸)
環境 大都市 ランク 最上位校
生徒数 約50000人 留学生割合 約20%
コース一覧 Full-time MBA Program
Executive MBA Program
TRIUM Global Executive MBA
Executive MS in Risk Management
M.A. Economics
Executive MS in Global Finance
M.A. Politics
Master of Public Administration in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy
MPA in Health Policy and Management
Master of Urban Planning
M.A. International Politics and International Business
M.A. International Relations
MS in Transportation Planning and Engineering
MA in Human Development and Social Intervention
M.A. Foreign Language Education
M.A. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
M.A. Historical and Sustainable Architecture
M.A. Archives and Public History
MA in Food Studies
M.A. French Language and Civilization
M.A. Comparative Literature
M.A. English and American Literature
M.A. French Literature
M.S. History of Art and Archaeology
M.S. History of Art and Archaeology/Conservation
M.S. Biological Anthropology
M.A. Classics
M.A. History
M.A. Women's History
M.A. World History
M.A. Africana Studies
M.A. American Studies
M.A. Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Studies
M.A. East Asian Studies
M.A. European and Mediterranean Studies
M.A. French Studies
M.A. German
M.A. Hebrew and Judaic Studies
M.A. Irish Studies
M.A. Italian Literature
M.A. Italian Studies
M.A. Latin American and Caribbean Studies
M.A. Near Eastern Studies
M.A. Russian and Slavic Studies
M.A. Cinema Studies
MFA Film and Television
MFADesign for Stage and Film
MFACinema Studies
MFAMoving Image and Archiving and Preservation
M.S. Biomedical Journalism
M.A. Biomedical Journalism
M.A. Business and Economic Reporting
M.A. Cultural Reporting and Criticism
M.A. French Studies/Journalism
M.A. International Relations/Journalism
M.A. Magazine Writing
M.A. News and Documentary
M.A. Reporting New York
M.A. Reporting the Nation
M.A. Near Eastern Studies/Journalism
M.S. Science, Health and Environmental Reporting
MFAInteractive Telecommunications
M.S. Computer Science
M.S. Information Systems
M.S. Scientific Computing
M.S. Scientific Computing
Masters of Science in Computer Science
Masters of Science in Information Systems
Masters of Science in Scientific Computing
PhD in Computational Biology
PhD in Computer Science
M.A. Creative Writing
MFADramatic Writing
M.S. Physics
M.S. Mathematics
M.S. Mathematics in Finance
M.S. Math and Statistics and Operations Research
Masters of Science in Math Finance
Masters of Science in Mathematics
PhD in Mathematics
M.S. Bioethics
M.S. Biology
M.S. Applied Recombinant DNA Technology
M.S. Oral Biology
M.S. Biomaterials Science
M.S. Ergonomics and Biomechanics
M.S. Computers in Biological Research
PhD in Atmosphere Ocean Science
MS in Biotechnology and Entrepreneuship
MS in Chemical Engineering
M.S. Chemistry
MS in Bioinformatics
MS in Biotechnology
MS in Computer Engineering
MS in Cybersecurity
MS in Electrical Engineering
MS in Electrophysics
MS in Financial Engineering
MS in Telecommunication Networks
MS in the History of Science and Technology
MS in Information Systems Engineering
MS in Integrated Digital Media
MS in Management
MS in Systems Engineering
MS in Accelerated Management of Technology
MS in Industrial Engineering
MS in Manufacturing Engineering
MS in Mechanical Engineering
MS in Civil Engineering
MS in Construction Management
MS in Transportation Management
MS in Urban Systems Engineering and Management
MA in Fine Arts
MFAPerformance Studies
MFAMusical Theatre Writing
Master of Arts in Art Education
M.A. Museum Studies
M.A. Museum Studies
MS in Organizational Behavior
M.S. General Psychology
M.S. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
M.S. Trauma and Violence Transdisciplinary Studies
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
M.A. Educational Psychology
M.A. in Counseling and Guidance
M.A. in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness
Master of Community Public Health
Master of Social Work
M.A. Teaching French as a Foreign Language
Bilingual Education M.A.
M.A. Law and Society
M.A. Law
M.S. Philosophy
J.D./LL.M. in Taxation
J.D./LL.M. in International Law
J.D./M.A. in Economics, French, History, Philosophy or Politics
J.D./M.A.,Ph.D. in Law & Society
J.D./M.P.A. or J.D./M.U.P.
M.S. Environmental Toxicology
M.S. Occupational--Environmental Hygiene
MS in Environment-Behavior
MS in Environmental Engineering