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1. School Information

学校情報 Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross, London, SE14 6NW, UK
ロケーション イギリス
環境 大都市 ランク 中位校
生徒数 約6000人 留学生割合 約16%
コース一覧 MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship
MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship
MA in Brand Development
MA in Art & Politics
MA in Contemporary British Politics
MPhil & PhD in Politics
MRes in Political Science
MA in International Studies
MA in Development & Rights
MPhil and PhD in Cultural Studies
MA in Cultural Studies
MA in Culture Industry
MA in Critical and Creative Analysis
MA in Photography and Urban Cultures
MA in Social Research
MA in World Cities and Urban Life
MPhil & PhD Sociology
MPhil & PhD Visual Sociology
MA in Applied Linguistics: Sociocultural Approaches
MA in Comparative Literary Studies
MA in Creative and Life Writing
MA in Anthropology & Cultural Politics
MA in Anthropology of Health & the Body in the 21st Century
MA in Applied Anthropology & Community and Youth Work
MA in Social Anthropology
MA in Visual Anthropology
MPhil & PhD Anthropology
MPhil & PhD in Visual Anthropology
MRes in Anthropology
MRes in Visual Anthropology
MA in Cultural History
MRes in History
MPhil & PhD in History
MA in Gender & Culture
MA in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice
MA in Image and Communication
MA in Political Communications
MA in Contemporary Art Theory
MA in Aural and Visual Cultures
MA in Research Architecture
MA in Feature Film
MA in Filmmaking
MA in Screen and Film Studies
MA in Digital Media
MA in Journalism
MA in Media and Communications
MA in Radio
MA in Screen Documentary
MA in Script Writing
MA in Television Journalism
MA in Transnational Communications and the Global Media
MFA in Computational Studio Arts
MSc in Cognitive Computing
MSc in Computer Games and Entertainment
MPhil & PhD Computing
PhD Arts and Computing Technology
MFA Art Practice
MFA Art Writing
MA in Design Futures
MPhil & PhD in Design
MRes in Design
MA in Applied Drama: Theatre in Educational, Community & Social Contexts
MA in Contemporary African Theatre & Performance
MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship
MA in Musical Theatre
MA in Performance & Culture: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
MA in Performance Making
MA in Writing for Performance
MPhil & PhD in Drama
MA in Arts Administration & Cultural Policy
MFA Curating
MSc in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
MSc in Music, Mind & Brain
MSc in Occupational Psychology
MSc in Research Methods in Psychology
MA in Artist Teachers & Contemporary Practices
MA in Education: Culture, Language & Identity
MPhil & PhD in Education
MA in Design & Environment
MA in Design - Critical Practice
MA in Design Education